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About Us

Ambiance Boutique Events was created as the first event management company in Hungary focusing on golf events. Our dedication to quality and attention to details opened up the door of opportunities and let Ambiance Events emerging to a multi-focus, full service event management company. The essence of our philosophy is: exclusivity, details and style. Exclusivity for us means that it is you, who is in the centre of the event: your needs and expectations and expectations for quality. Details are always important from the very first ideas to the finishing touches. Style for us equals to a special mood/ambiance, theme and image. All in harmony. Sophisticated, stylish, elegant events, events we experience prolonged.

Csilla Trinn

owner, founder

Csilla was born in Pécs, but she has been living in Budapest for nearly 15 years. She has gained her very first experiences in Pécs at Lenau Reisen, later at a travel agency called Carlson Wagonlit Corporate. Afterwards she was working as the corporate sales executive for Sky Europe, thanks to which she had the opportunity to visit plenty of countries of the world. As a passionate traveller she discovered the diversity of cultures and the characteristics of their existence which had a great influence on her personality and taste. She got to know event management through her hobby, the golf. Her initial enthusiasm has become a lifelong dedication. In this field she can totally gratify her passions concerning design.

As a genuinely multicultural, open-minded social person she can easily liaise with the people of any country or nation. What her partners appreciate the most, is her professionalism and perfectionism, as after the first joint project it becomes obvious that Csilla can and wants to make the most of every situation and opportunity in every minor or major task. Thanks to her determined personality she can achieve her goals most of the time.

For her, Ambiance is a way of life. It is important to make sure that the execution of qualitative and stylish events provide joyful moments for the complex process of organization and at the same time, for the event itself. Beside her corporate partners, her own colleagues also appreciate this attitude. In terms of a way of life, a gourmet dinner shared with friends in any of the world’s culinary heavens means the peak moment in life for Csilla. If Csilla did not organize events, she would definitely manage an Indian restaurant in the Austrian Alps.

Boglárka Adorján

event manager

Bogi has acquired her very first experiences in Germany, where she was working in the field of tourism marketing for four years. It was a great and at the same time noble task to spread Hungarian values in a foreign country. Among the multivarious tasks the most memorable ones were the organizational tasks of expos and different kind of programmes.

Returning back to her motherland, Bogi has given herself up to the world of event management. She has already been present when Ambience was taking its very first steps. She has a creative and colourful personality: as a blog writer, Bogi is the official composer of Ambiance’s way of life. She likes to imagine and to execute things, she likes to forethink and to write, she likes to invent and to negotiate and she also likes to organize and arrange events. The newer and continually more serious challenges mean the opportunities for improvement to her, from which her favourites are the ones which require many ideas and protocol skills.

In her free time she regains her energy taken by the occasionally energy consuming tasks with yoga, music and gardening. She is constantly brooding on her next grand idea of event and programme organization as a natural organizer and as a private individual as well.

















Our Culture

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.


ambiance solutions

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Adorján Boglárka

Ha meg tudtad álmodni, meg is tudod tenni!

/Walt Disney/

Trinn Csilla

I face challenges every day but enjoy life to the fullest.


Style, distinction, warmth and intimacy are the words that best characterize the concept. We provide special and personalized service. Our service delivery is not „boxed” into standards and is nothing like „one fits all”. We target those partners, who demand special and high quality service. Similarly to boutique hotels, we adapt quickly to changing needs and expectations with a great deal of flexibility. Our events are tailor-made products, making everlasting experiences where details meet style and quality.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.


We customise your ideas!

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